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From his fortress deep in Central Mexico the cunning drug lord, Rafael Quintardo, directs the execution of Drug Enforcement and Custom Bureau Agents in his demonic drive to dominate drug trafficking. After the murder of his brother, Bill Scott, a retired fighter pilot and special forces warrior, sets forth on a trail of vengeance. The reader is placed in the combatants cockpits in a wild aerial battle ranging from the heights of the skies to the floor of the desert. Ultimately, Scott's quest for revenge takes him on a suicide mission into Quintardo's heavily defended lair - into

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"This bastard is no dummy," Bill thought as he rolled and followed the Snake in his dive. He was determined not to give away the altitude and speed advantage and anticipated that Mike would go vertical in his climb. Bill planned a high angle deflection shot. As the T-34 with the golden snake flashed upward, Bill closed his range and, placing the sight recticle two ship lengths in front of the plane, depressed the trigger releasing a hail of lead. The shells smashed into both wings and the rear cockpit of the Snake with explosive force. Mike heard and felt the impact and saw flashes on both wings followed by the tremendous roar and surge of wind rushing through the rear cockpit which startled and confused him for a moment. Then he realized that he was still climbing vertically and kicked in right rudder so violently that the plane snapped into a spin. As it jerked around, he saw a flash of red go by as he made an immediate recovery but continued diving. The two planes shuddered and bucked as they twirled through the clouds. With the planes now pointed at the ground, the smaller and faster Dart started to pass the Snake. Bill immediately retarded his throttle but when he saw the Snake's flaps extend, he knew that he had to change his tactics. Back to idle throttle, he rolled out of the squirrel cage and started a recovery from the dive. "Jesus, don't fly into the frigging ground, Scott," Bill shouted as the airspeed passed the redline set at 305 knots and he tried to bring the nose up with out creating a high speed stall. The trees were filling the windscreen and his mind screamed like a bullhorn, "CRASH! CRASH! CRASH!"

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Action novel, available in electronic version (ebook) or printed book.
The Mouth of the Cat
Jerry R. Houser
A new action novel that will grab you on the first
page and hold you until the rip roaring finish.
Mexican Drug-Lords !  Aerial Combat !
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