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If I can get mortgage financing through a bank, why should I go to a Mortgage Consultant?

In dealing with a bank you only deal with one lender. Mortgage consultants deal with many lenders at a time, providing customers with a better choice of services.

Bank employees work on a salary basis and can only offer services provided by their institution, mortgage consultants work on a finders fee basis and can offer services and low rates from a variety of lenders, which in turn allows us to design a mortgage which best suits your needs, saving you money.

Since mortgage consultants receive daily updates on interest rates they can easily set up your mortgage with an institution with the lowest rate, it will save you a lot of time which you would otherwise spend shopping for the lowest rate.

Mortgage consultants do all the paperwork & research necessary to get your application approved, saving you the time and trouble of going to the bank.

Since mortgage consultants conduct a lot of volume with several institutions they often get extra benefits, such as lower interest rates and fast approvals. These benefits are passed on to you as a client, which you would otherwise not get as an individual borrower.

You get a professional mortgage consultant doing all the research and paperwork for you at the financial institution's expense.




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